Saturday, April 28


hello and welcome beautiful readers
best start by saying I'm Amy Lou I'm a 22 years young i live in lovely north wales with my beautiful family my other half is mark and my daughter is Taylor 10months.
any who enough about that this blog is going to be used as my diary really I'm going to fill it full of things i love things i make my photography and anything Else i can think about.......sound fun??? well for my first post i want to show off my new hair colour and I'm going to do a little review of the product i used (I'm not getting paid to its just for fun) so i hope you enjoy and follow me on my diary road.

is it just me or do photographs never do the colour justice. Well the product i used was called Directions in the colour rose red, as i had dark hair before this i have to bleech it all over befor i could start but in my eyes it was well worth the effort its a lovely pinkish purple colour and seeing as i only paid £6.00 for it i think its money well spent. Ive only had it on for about 3weeks but the colour is as bright as the day i coloured it. I wash my hair 3 times a week too. so yes highley recomended for a wash in wash out dye :D
thanks for reading