Monday, December 30

meal planning monday

Monday - beef stew and dumplings
Tuesday - leftovers in a pie 
Wednesday- toad in the hole 
Thursday - left over sausages used in cases roll
Friday- chicken basil and tom pasta
Saturday  - Shepard's pie
Sunday - leftovers with extra veg 

Simple week of easy cheep meals in our home that are still filling and packed full of veg. I'll post photos during the week I think 


Sunday, November 17

OOTD 20 weeks pregnant

Hay lovies 
Excited to show off some of my new clothes I've been treated to seeing as my normal clothes are already getting too tight 

Coat- thrifted £9.99 originally George asda 
Jumper- £21.99  newlook maternity 
Jeans -19.99 newlook maternity 
Boots - 99p thrifted 

Love these boots so easy on my feet and go with everything

Loving being pregnant also this jumper is super soft i love the lace on it too 

Nails - purple rain by rimmel salon pro Kate moss 

Thanks for stopping by 

Thursday, August 8

anything will do.........

Hay buddies 

Any one with a toddler knows keeping one such creature entertained for longer than 10 mins is next to impossible ether that or it cost rather a lot of money on days out to the zoo and such like so I have been trying not always being successful but trying none the less to keep my toddler entertained for part of the day with out it costing me money. I'm going to share with you the ones that worked the best in the hope that if some one is stuck on what to do with there child they will find this a big help.

Today's play activity was easy and cost me nothing we had an old TV box just sitting there never being used or needed so I flattened it out and grabs a marker pen and drew a road and a little pond and a super cute little picnic area for her Dolly's along with some other things 

Ok ok i know its nothing spectacular but it does not have to be your toddler will just see it as a fun new toy at least mine did 

Then i took some of her toys she already has like her car tower we got handed yo us by our lovely friend sarah. Her wooden animals from a barn set we got her along with the barn. Her Melissa and Doug farm jigsaw peaces and placed them all around the roads then made a wall down one side with her megga blocks. 

Then i let her play for as long as she wanted she loved it driving her cars around and playing with the duck in the "pond" and making towers with the blocks most of these toys she just does not play with add the box with a few really bad drawings on it and she played for over an hour maybe this could work for you. Let me know if you try at all.

Thanks for reading 

Sunday, July 14

Brown Sugar Scrub Tutorial

Hay lovies 
Right now in the UK we are having some amazing hot weather so if your all like me you have been out enjoying it. We have been at the beach allot, out at the park, riding our bikes and much more. The only down side for me is my skin was getting dry and dull from all the sun cream I've been apply and my lips were needing a bit of a burst of life. So I wandered the net and found lots of sugar scrubs to buy in the shops costing anywhere between £5 and £10 depending where you buy. I can so you how to make a pot for just £2. At least that's how much it cost me to make. 

You will need 

Brown sugar
Coconut oil
And an empty pot and a spoon 

First start by filling your jar with brown sugar i only make this in a small tub that way i use it up faster but it will keep in an air tight container out of direct sun light for up to 3 months 

Once filled you want to add your coconut oil (once melted i do this by just standing the bottle in some hot water for a few seconds) i found it very expensive to buy coconut oil but i found this one 100% pure coconut oil for just £1.49 for 200ml at my local Indian food shop so worth shopping around for it.

I like to add around 3tbs but you just keep adding until its the consistency you like i like mine rather dry so it exfoliates better but the choice is yours 

And your done perfect to make as gifts for friends and family too scrub your body with this then rinse off well and you will be silky smooth its even ok for you lips because its made with all edible.

Now all that's left to do is enjoy 
Thanks for reading guys and dolls 

Friday, July 12

water and foam sensory play

Hay lovies 
Taylor loves water if she had the choice park or bath she would pick bath any day of the week (OK well maybe not every time but she really does love water)
I've been working on more sensory play with her. I want to teach her and let her experiment  with new textures smells and sights.

This week we set up a water box on her aqua draw mat 

We had a bucket spade rake and sea creature shapes that we got for just £1 from the pound shop also some glass beads they cost 89p and some paint brushes she has from an art set 

Taylor ohhh'ed and squeaked  when she caught eye of what we were doing she poured and scooped and raked and filled learning new  words as well as the new texture of all the water on the plastic and glass pebbles 

Once she started losing interest (that took a whole hour) we pulled out the shaving gel moved the box of water to one side and covered the aqua draw mat with it. 

Taylor really enjoyed this drawing in the foam and trying to stand up and slipping over had both her and me and mark cracking up she also took a liking to painting her self with it too after daddy showed her how fun it was 

Picking up the glass pebbles was more tricky now they are covered in foam this took more concentration now but every time one slips out of her hand she let out a delightful giggle 

Words like slippy,shiny, tickle,brush,draw,wobble and mess were just some of the ones Taylor learnt while playing with shaving foam 

Over all this was really fun easy to clean up i just popped the aqua draw mat in the bath and showered it off and its as good as new. We had a blast and it was amazing watching Taylor learn so much in just two hours. let me know if you do things like this with you're children id love to see others ideas 
Thanks for reading guys and dolls

oat face mask tutorial

Hay lovies
I'm really trying hard to get into beauty and hair and things that go with all that I used to love make up and clothes but somewhere along the way I got lost like lost to the point where I don't have ant idea as to what I'm doing. 
I'm finding myself spending my free time enjoying learning about all these things I thought  i would share my new found beauty bits and bobs here with you beautiful people.

I thought I should start with skin so for today here is my oatie face mask it feels cold on your skin and once washed off my open pores were smaller and my skin left super soft and everything used in this concoction I usually have to hand. 

You will need.
Half a banana 
1/4 a cut of porridge oats 
1/2 a cup of milk
Also a table spoon of honey if you have it I didn't so just made it with out

First mash you're banana and add you're oats then mix adding the milk until its the consistency you like 

Then make some tea its only right you have a cuppa while your mask is drying i also had some cucumber for my eyes 

I left the oats to soak in the mix for a few mins just so it was a little thicker and better for applying 

Now just apply to your face as best you can leave to dry for 15-30 mins and then wash off really i think you will thank me it leaves your skin so soft its lovely this is even good for guys too (go on try it i wont tell)

Let me know if you try this
Thanks for reading guys and dolls 

Thursday, May 23

thursdaymeal plan......

hay folks
how are we all? awesome i hope. I'm so busy and happy right now trying to get back on track with my meal plans so here is this weeks I'm excited for chilli this week whats your fave meal? x
i will be posting photos of all the meals at the end of the week guys thanks for reading
loves yall

Monday, February 25

still in love with her

hay folks
think Ive gotta say my love for my daughter is never gonna end shes the most perfect little thing in the world making me laugh and making me so proud so we cant have enough Taylor on this blog so here we go just a few snaps of her for this week.
such a girly girls some times
crashed out at her besties party
this girl loves cats hehe soo cute
off out for dinner with mummy and daddy
thanks for reading guys and dolls

movies im loving......

hay beautiful people
over the past month or so Ive watched loads of movies and i just wanna show you the ones Ive fallen in love with many of these Ive already seen 3 times over. i become addicted to lovely things far to easily.
so number 1 Anna Karenina this movie had me from the moment i found out Aaron Johnson was in it (I'm a little crazy about him) it was an amazing movie love romance and hurt all in one this is a must watch in my opinion
pitch perfect is a good film too more for the music in it though the story line is not the best but still worth a watch if you like glee
and last for now was the perks of being a wall flower i couldn't take my eyes off this one but it broke my heart all i can say is watch it
thanks for reading guys and dolls

sew on my mind

hay folks
Ive been crazy wrapped up in my sewing over the past month or two surrounded by fabric and Cotton and my lovely little lady helping me out life has been wonderful so i thought i would show you some of my makes from over this time I'm so happy with myself for getting so much done :D xx
these are just a few of the things Ive made next on my list is pirate outfits for me my sis and Taylor eeekkk sooo excited  x
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Sunday, February 3

Im a you tuber.......

hay lovely people
Ive missed you guys guess what i got back in to doing you tube videos i used to make them back when i was a teen using the worst camera in the world haha but now I'm just getting the hang of doing it again please pop over and come check me out heres my link :D
its more of a mommy vloggin channel but if you have any suggestion on what videos you would like to see just let me know I'm always open for input
thanks for reading lovelies

Saturday, January 19

meal plan....

hay loves
hay all i do my weekly meals from Thursday to Thursday as that's the days we get our shopping money we budget "50 for each week that includes bathroom things and kitchen and washing bits ext.... not very often we go over our budget. so here are the meals Ive planned for this week 17/01-24/01
Thur - sausage casserole
fri - carbonara
sat - homemade pizza
sun - easy chicken and chips
mon - beef and ale stew with roasties
tue - leftover stew in pie crust with pots
wed - basque chicken
thur - sausage pasta
well here are some pics of some of the meals we have already had this week I'm most looking forward to the beef and ale stew with roasties it sounds so yummy this week on food shopping i spent just under £33 so the leftover money is for a small treat at the end of the week.
our carbonara was so yummie and so cheep cant believe i use to pay about £8 for this when we when on date nights
Taylor loved this she loves anything cheesy with sauce lol
i had no time the other day to cook i just had too much to do but i wanted to stick to the meal plan so here's what i did
browned my sausages in a pan and bunged them in the slow cooker with a chopped onion and some beef stock enough to just cover that sausages then placed a layer of foil over the top an wrapped two large potatoes in more foil and placed them on top popped the lid on and cooked on high for 4 hours when i get home it was all cooked and yummy all i did then was turn the cooker to low take out my jackets and popped them in the oven for 20mins to crisp up while i boiled some peas and carrots easy yummy and almost all in one pot and little effort was nice to come home to after i had been out in the cold all day and Taylor loved it she wolfed it down.
thanks for reading guys and dolls