Monday, February 25

movies im loving......

hay beautiful people
over the past month or so Ive watched loads of movies and i just wanna show you the ones Ive fallen in love with many of these Ive already seen 3 times over. i become addicted to lovely things far to easily.
so number 1 Anna Karenina this movie had me from the moment i found out Aaron Johnson was in it (I'm a little crazy about him) it was an amazing movie love romance and hurt all in one this is a must watch in my opinion
pitch perfect is a good film too more for the music in it though the story line is not the best but still worth a watch if you like glee
and last for now was the perks of being a wall flower i couldn't take my eyes off this one but it broke my heart all i can say is watch it
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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