Thursday, August 8

anything will do.........

Hay buddies 

Any one with a toddler knows keeping one such creature entertained for longer than 10 mins is next to impossible ether that or it cost rather a lot of money on days out to the zoo and such like so I have been trying not always being successful but trying none the less to keep my toddler entertained for part of the day with out it costing me money. I'm going to share with you the ones that worked the best in the hope that if some one is stuck on what to do with there child they will find this a big help.

Today's play activity was easy and cost me nothing we had an old TV box just sitting there never being used or needed so I flattened it out and grabs a marker pen and drew a road and a little pond and a super cute little picnic area for her Dolly's along with some other things 

Ok ok i know its nothing spectacular but it does not have to be your toddler will just see it as a fun new toy at least mine did 

Then i took some of her toys she already has like her car tower we got handed yo us by our lovely friend sarah. Her wooden animals from a barn set we got her along with the barn. Her Melissa and Doug farm jigsaw peaces and placed them all around the roads then made a wall down one side with her megga blocks. 

Then i let her play for as long as she wanted she loved it driving her cars around and playing with the duck in the "pond" and making towers with the blocks most of these toys she just does not play with add the box with a few really bad drawings on it and she played for over an hour maybe this could work for you. Let me know if you try at all.

Thanks for reading