Monday, February 25

still in love with her

hay folks
think Ive gotta say my love for my daughter is never gonna end shes the most perfect little thing in the world making me laugh and making me so proud so we cant have enough Taylor on this blog so here we go just a few snaps of her for this week.
such a girly girls some times
crashed out at her besties party
this girl loves cats hehe soo cute
off out for dinner with mummy and daddy
thanks for reading guys and dolls

movies im loving......

hay beautiful people
over the past month or so Ive watched loads of movies and i just wanna show you the ones Ive fallen in love with many of these Ive already seen 3 times over. i become addicted to lovely things far to easily.
so number 1 Anna Karenina this movie had me from the moment i found out Aaron Johnson was in it (I'm a little crazy about him) it was an amazing movie love romance and hurt all in one this is a must watch in my opinion
pitch perfect is a good film too more for the music in it though the story line is not the best but still worth a watch if you like glee
and last for now was the perks of being a wall flower i couldn't take my eyes off this one but it broke my heart all i can say is watch it
thanks for reading guys and dolls

sew on my mind

hay folks
Ive been crazy wrapped up in my sewing over the past month or two surrounded by fabric and Cotton and my lovely little lady helping me out life has been wonderful so i thought i would show you some of my makes from over this time I'm so happy with myself for getting so much done :D xx
these are just a few of the things Ive made next on my list is pirate outfits for me my sis and Taylor eeekkk sooo excited  x
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Sunday, February 3

Im a you tuber.......

hay lovely people
Ive missed you guys guess what i got back in to doing you tube videos i used to make them back when i was a teen using the worst camera in the world haha but now I'm just getting the hang of doing it again please pop over and come check me out heres my link :D
its more of a mommy vloggin channel but if you have any suggestion on what videos you would like to see just let me know I'm always open for input
thanks for reading lovelies