Tuesday, July 24

update/pinup look.......

hello curvy lovers
so i haven't blogged for 14 days :( Ive missed you guys and dolls

not much new has happened and I'm so bad at for getting to take my camera out with me at the moment witch is SO not like me!!!! its usually attached so much so i have a camera strap tan line haha
any who.... i couldn't wait until September to start trying for a baby so that is happening right now as from the 20th of this month. I'm that excited Ive already been looking at prams and already have some unisex clothes. i was like this when we were planning Taylor haha (I'm a bit baby crazy).

OK well this is an outfit of the day from a week ago kinda pinup style and well here is what i got ..

well i liked how i looked that day my dress is from hell bunny  and my head wrap is homemade
thank for reading guys and dolls

Tuesday, July 10

late night curve.......

hay curvy lovers
the past few days i have been feeling yuck every time i looked in the mirror i was just like arggghhh my skin didn't look as good as it usually does and my body looked just kinda different so rather than being a grunp i put on some make up and a pretty dress and sat and watched the telly haha i felt better cause id made myself super pretty that always works for me strange hay...
enjoy these beautiful ladies and try to remember we are all beautiful

well now i feel better come tell me what you do to give yourself that little life when you need one
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Thursday, July 5

ttc baby #2 .........

hey curvy lovelies
well we have some exciting news well where do i start me and mark have always said we want just two children but couldn't decide weather we wanted them close together or a big age gap but over the past few weeks we have been talking and with Taylor's first birthday happening we realised we want her to have a play mate and she loves other kids and babies soo much. also we still have allot of her things like her bouncer chair and we will still have the cot and still have some clothes witch are all unisex as we didn't know what we were having when we had Taylor.

so yes we are going to be trying to conceive as from September ekkkk I'm sooo excited so please send us all your blessings and we send ours out to all the people out there that are trying right now.

September cant come fast enough
 thanks for reading guys and dolls