Tuesday, October 23

take 5 for me.......

hay curvy creators
how are we all? I'm having one of them days where no matter how hard i try not to let things get to me it just doesn't work and i get stressed over every little thing. I'm sure we all have them really just when your the person having one you just want the world to have an off button don't you. well right now Taylor's having a nap the one she has been fighting since around 11am it is now 3pm and I'm sat n the sofa with a cuppa browsing fabric picking out some lovely bits to make Taylor a beautiful Christmas dress. i have a pile of dishes to was a wash load done and just sat in the washer and tea to start doing and well to be honest i don't care right now i just need to take 5 for me.
while hunting for fabric Ive come across some darling little things so i thought i would share with you lovely folk.
these are so sweet i have a pattern for these shoes somewhere around might give them a bash found these on etsy
i just fell in love with this fabric i look gingerbread its yummy and always makes me think of Christmas found also on etsy
dolls and daydreams have a new pattern just come out i love this little fellow might have to buy this and give it a go Taylor would love him
i love snow globes they are beautiful this would look so lovely on the top of our fire at Christmas time when the trees all lit up found this here
thanks for reading guys and dolls seems i like ginger bread right now
p.s I'm a little Christmas mad there will be some Halloween posts coming up x

Monday, October 22

meal plan monday.........

hay lovelies  
Ive been planing my weekly meals for a few months now and Ive saved so much money so why not show you all how i do it and what we eat all week this week I'm using a ready made template from Mine for the Making  this week we are having lots of chicken cause i got it from the butcher for £10 for 10 breasts super good deal  going back there next week to get our meat again. i only really plan dinner for everyday as we usualy have something like butties or soup or wraps for dinner we have all this stuff left over from last week as we got lots last week.

this week we spent £33 on food we do have the basics like flour, eggs and breakfast cereal and a little bit of fruit in as we always have things like that in usually left over from the week before haha
tonight i make  roast chicken but cheated they has no stuffing when i went shopping we shop at Aldi just in case you were wondering and also the butchers. next week will be a bit more of a mix of things not just chicken but as we love chicken we don't mind.
(btw they are  roasties but ive changed my oil in my frying pan)
i make all my own sauces for the pasta and the casserole and pasta bake and always make my own dumplings and pie crust its easy saves money and means we are not putting all the ready make crap in to our bodies and in case your thinking what does Taylor eat she eats what we eat just smaller plate full
thanks for reading guys and dolls
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Saturday, October 20

Autumn Wants......

hay curvy lovers
oh my how Ive been caught up...... i cant believe its Autumn already  i love this time of the year blankets tea and coco, all the beautiful colours in the trees and people wrapped up in mittens and hats looking all cosy. here is a little list of some Autumn buys i would just love to own/make everyone should cuddle up together at this time of year don't you think?
i think this would be stunning on Taylor with some cream tights and lovely little dolly shoes and a cute cardi i love anything ruffles hehehe found on etsy not too much ether.
CINNAMON, CLOVE, and NUTMEG with a wooden wick really....... how could i say no this would be lovely burning right now found also on etsy
i am addicted to irregular choice shoes they are so different and cute i love these boots would look stunning with a frock and some rights dont you think?
i am going on my first night out in over 2 years at the end of this month and honestly i would of loveds to buy this dress of at least attempt to make it but not having the time or money i can just dream this was also found on etsy
just a few from a very long list of Amy wants hehe but ill save the others for another day
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Tuesday, October 2


hay lovers
just a quick one this morning of my outfit of the day on Monday enjoy x
thanks for reading guys and dolls