Tuesday, October 23

take 5 for me.......

hay curvy creators
how are we all? I'm having one of them days where no matter how hard i try not to let things get to me it just doesn't work and i get stressed over every little thing. I'm sure we all have them really just when your the person having one you just want the world to have an off button don't you. well right now Taylor's having a nap the one she has been fighting since around 11am it is now 3pm and I'm sat n the sofa with a cuppa browsing fabric picking out some lovely bits to make Taylor a beautiful Christmas dress. i have a pile of dishes to was a wash load done and just sat in the washer and tea to start doing and well to be honest i don't care right now i just need to take 5 for me.
while hunting for fabric Ive come across some darling little things so i thought i would share with you lovely folk.
these are so sweet i have a pattern for these shoes somewhere around might give them a bash found these on etsy
i just fell in love with this fabric i look gingerbread its yummy and always makes me think of Christmas found also on etsy
dolls and daydreams have a new pattern just come out i love this little fellow might have to buy this and give it a go Taylor would love him
i love snow globes they are beautiful this would look so lovely on the top of our fire at Christmas time when the trees all lit up found this here
thanks for reading guys and dolls seems i like ginger bread right now
p.s I'm a little Christmas mad there will be some Halloween posts coming up x

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