Thursday, November 22

wonder, toddler, and ttc.......

hay lovelies
living in north wales i look around me and see all the wonder all the mountains the rivers and the sea the forests  and wonder i wonder about nothing and everything all at once some times its like i forget I'm an adult i look around me at all these wonderful things and places and wonder... does anyone else see the world the way i do? does anyone else imagine beautiful photographs appearing before their eyes. does anyone want to let the inner child go and run free make dens and climb trees make believe fairies are real and collect shells on the beach maybe I'm like this because sometimes things get hard and things get on top of me as they do in every life and i don't think enough people let go of the tension. i strongly believe we should all look around ourselves more and take in the beautiful things we walk on by everyday tell me what do you see in the world you live in.
this was the amazing view me and Taylor had the luxury of seeing yesterday while eating our picnic ill views like this never get old and its lovely that i get to spend time making memories with Taylor in places like this we ate sandwiches played on the park close by and walked for miles it was a wonderful day.
my baby is growing so fast she loves music, singing, bath, time, exploring, crafting, painting and many many more things i love the little girl she is becoming she surprises me and makes me laugh smile and makes my heart melt everyday.
and this little girl discovered puddles yesterday it was so sweet watching her get all excited about the splash her feet made when she stomped
and well as for ttc as far as we know were doing everything right i feel pregnant but all the tests are saying no :( but I'm not due my monthly's until the 28th so time will tell if not this month maybe a Christmas present will be amazing hehe
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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