Sunday, September 30

late night curve

hey curvy lovers
i love doing these post cause every time i do it reminds me of how beautiful my body is i love being bigger i don't see why a lot of girls think being bigger and curvy are a bad thing love your lump's and bumps and feel happy in your own skin life is so much more fun when your not caught up in how you look all the time <3
this is Tess i follow her blog and her tumblr she is beautiful and i love the way she dresses every thing she wears looks amazing on her <3
i have no idea who this is but gosh she is stunning love her out fit too
i love this photo its so 40s cute 
wow those hips are lovely
do you have any hang ups if so forget them i hated my big arms for years even when I'm skinny i have chubby arms so i just learnt to love them
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Friday, September 28

project complete........

hay curvy creators
well as you know i have a few things on my need to make list but before i could start i had to Finnish what was already on my hook they only took me two evening I'm super proud of myself they look grate and i even gave them away to one of my besties jade and she loves them too the pattern was pretty easy to follow making things easier as you just follow the video .
I'm now in the process of making a few more pairs for family members for Christmas along with my other projects
thanks for reading guys and dolls


hay curvy lovers
felt like being all dressed up for no real reason so thought id get some wear out of my new hell bunny top that I'm in love with enjoy guys xx

i used to really hate these boots but I'm really starting to love them
boots: thrifted
leggings: primark
top: pulp
cardigan: newlook about 5 years ago
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Friday, September 21

making time.....

hay my creative curves out there
last night i finally got around to starting a project ok ok well i didn't get far but it was like 11:30pm when i started it but I'm pleased to say its going well and fingers crossed it stays that way.
between running the home cooking cleaning and running around after my toddler I'm shattered by the end of the day so Ive been motivating myself to do something rather than just sit around and read blogs all night. by the way don't you think Taylor looks super cute in knits :) i think I'm going to enjoy this winter.
oh and having a little mini that likes sleeping in the big bed don't help the being tired thing ether but its cute and we really don't mind it but i do think she is ready for a big bed x
but i will miss waking up to this little face every morning how cute is she here i loves her little nose.
i also thought it was about time i introduced you to my godson he is super cute and only tiny but i cant get enough of him little Oliver-James he is 8days old today hasn't that gone fast feels like only yesterday my best friend Emma had him crazy huh his mummy is doing an amazing job handling life with two under 2  so well done Emma <3 xx
thank you for reading guys and dolls
p.s right now life is epic couldn't ask for much more xx

Wednesday, September 19

project list......

hay curvy lovers
on my pinterest i have like a million pins of lovely projects i want to do or make so here i am starting my to do list of projects to make before Christmas I'm hoping to do Christmas as homemade as possible because i love receiving homemade gifts its so nice to get something you know some one has spent time over so enjoy and if you have any tips for a homemade Christmas let me know x
well i woke up this morning and its so cold already me and Taylor are wrapped up in jumpers and Wooly socks trying to keep warm so top of my list is slippers for me and her (and a few other little girls to i think)
how adorable are these bunny slippers i think these are a must have for any little girl this is an etsy pattern but at a really good price i think the pattern is by two girl patterns the also have patterns for mummy size too hehe <3
i love these as my from me to me project i might just change the colours but they are lovely dont you think the pattern is by All About Ami
i love the colours of this cardigan its so girly and sweet i found this pattern on ravelry and the best part is that its a free pattern
i need to make at least two of these i think they just look so good the DIY is by Eddie Ross 
my tree defiantly needs a tree skirt i love this one with the bows to tie it around i might make it reversible too so we can change it from year to year pattern by citrus holiday
well wish me luck that i will complete these projects and give you a part two to this projects list i love the run up to Christmas don't you??
what are your projects this year leave me a comment letting me know
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Saturday, September 15

bikes, skateboards and a baby......

hay lovelies
we took Taylor out for a picnic the other day me and mark went on our bikes with Taylor in her trailer and Danny (my bro) skated we found a lovely little park and had ice cream on the beach it was so nice to get out and spend time as a family. best part of the day is Taylor enjoys the park so much more now she can walk and she loves the slide. that day all in all we did 9 miles. on the way home my brother was cheating and hitched a ride on the back of the trailer haha people gave them some funny looks just think mark on his bike pulling Taylor's trailer with Danny being pulled behind that. ether wait it was super fun and the weather was lovely x
i love this photo Taylor loves her daddy so much
Danny being a goof on the bike :)
this is where we went to the park it was lovely there
this slide was a little big so daddy went on with her x
yay our little walker bear
this was such a fun free day out cant wait to get some more lovely days in the memory bank like this
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Tuesday, September 11

big city dreams

hay curvy lovers
i think at heart i feel like i should be a city girl (but still have a house in the country side) me my brother and our little Taylor went to Liverpool for the day Taylor loved walking about the big buildings and seeing all the street performers. one in particular there was a man with puppets playing songs and making them sing and dance she ran over and started dancing and clapping for him so the man brought the little Beatles puppet over to say hi to her. it was so sweet her little face lit up.
this is one of those photographs i will keep forever and smile with memories every time i see it
we also took her to see the fish as she seems to really enjoy seeing them with all there pretty colours
i love watching her and seeing how caught up in everything she gets
i also love how much my little brother loves her he is such a good uncle here he is giving her a better view of Liverpool
over all our day was lovely we managed to not get caught in the rain and not spend too much money i love making memories with my family and especially Taylor moo makes my life worth living just to see her happy
thanks for reading guys and dolls

Sunday, September 9

late night curve

hay curvy lovers
got a question for you all..... do you love your body?? i love mine every last little bit of it cause well if i don't live it how can expect anyone else to hey.
ok ok any one that knows me knows I'm in love with curves god knows why I'm straight haha but honest who can say no to soft skin and curvy hips, bums and boobs? its just one of these things i love to look at..
I'm in love with the last girls swimsuit its stunning
now guys and dolls tell me you don't love curves
love you all

talk about caught up

hay curvy lovelies
missed me??? well over the past month Ive been sewing going on big days out and spending some time with the family its been lovely. even better my little brother has moved in with us its nice to see him everyday even though i still miss my little sisters. my bestie Emma is about to have her little boy well on Wednesday so Tuesday I'm going to spend the day with her an hopefully take some cute bump pics before he comes in to the world.
tomorrow is looking good I'm going to Liverpool with Taylor and my brother shopping and i cant wait been saving for a while for this should i do a haul blog?? would you all like that??
any who here are some lovely things i would buy right now if i had unlimited funds..
all the clothes these ladies have on are hand made I'm in love with them I'm in the process of saving for a corset of the right now ain't they beautiful the lady in the middle makes them all her shop is called Damsel in this Dress please go have a look she also has a face book page id i had the money i would buy the shop.
well come on how god damn sexy is this little set i love the knickers arrrrggghhh ruffles are amazing find the link here..... 
any ways loves you guys and dolls