Sunday, September 30

late night curve

hey curvy lovers
i love doing these post cause every time i do it reminds me of how beautiful my body is i love being bigger i don't see why a lot of girls think being bigger and curvy are a bad thing love your lump's and bumps and feel happy in your own skin life is so much more fun when your not caught up in how you look all the time <3
this is Tess i follow her blog and her tumblr she is beautiful and i love the way she dresses every thing she wears looks amazing on her <3
i have no idea who this is but gosh she is stunning love her out fit too
i love this photo its so 40s cute 
wow those hips are lovely
do you have any hang ups if so forget them i hated my big arms for years even when I'm skinny i have chubby arms so i just learnt to love them
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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