Friday, September 21

making time.....

hay my creative curves out there
last night i finally got around to starting a project ok ok well i didn't get far but it was like 11:30pm when i started it but I'm pleased to say its going well and fingers crossed it stays that way.
between running the home cooking cleaning and running around after my toddler I'm shattered by the end of the day so Ive been motivating myself to do something rather than just sit around and read blogs all night. by the way don't you think Taylor looks super cute in knits :) i think I'm going to enjoy this winter.
oh and having a little mini that likes sleeping in the big bed don't help the being tired thing ether but its cute and we really don't mind it but i do think she is ready for a big bed x
but i will miss waking up to this little face every morning how cute is she here i loves her little nose.
i also thought it was about time i introduced you to my godson he is super cute and only tiny but i cant get enough of him little Oliver-James he is 8days old today hasn't that gone fast feels like only yesterday my best friend Emma had him crazy huh his mummy is doing an amazing job handling life with two under 2  so well done Emma <3 xx
thank you for reading guys and dolls
p.s right now life is epic couldn't ask for much more xx

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