Tuesday, September 11

big city dreams

hay curvy lovers
i think at heart i feel like i should be a city girl (but still have a house in the country side) me my brother and our little Taylor went to Liverpool for the day Taylor loved walking about the big buildings and seeing all the street performers. one in particular there was a man with puppets playing songs and making them sing and dance she ran over and started dancing and clapping for him so the man brought the little Beatles puppet over to say hi to her. it was so sweet her little face lit up.
this is one of those photographs i will keep forever and smile with memories every time i see it
we also took her to see the fish as she seems to really enjoy seeing them with all there pretty colours
i love watching her and seeing how caught up in everything she gets
i also love how much my little brother loves her he is such a good uncle here he is giving her a better view of Liverpool
over all our day was lovely we managed to not get caught in the rain and not spend too much money i love making memories with my family and especially Taylor moo makes my life worth living just to see her happy
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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