Saturday, September 15

bikes, skateboards and a baby......

hay lovelies
we took Taylor out for a picnic the other day me and mark went on our bikes with Taylor in her trailer and Danny (my bro) skated we found a lovely little park and had ice cream on the beach it was so nice to get out and spend time as a family. best part of the day is Taylor enjoys the park so much more now she can walk and she loves the slide. that day all in all we did 9 miles. on the way home my brother was cheating and hitched a ride on the back of the trailer haha people gave them some funny looks just think mark on his bike pulling Taylor's trailer with Danny being pulled behind that. ether wait it was super fun and the weather was lovely x
i love this photo Taylor loves her daddy so much
Danny being a goof on the bike :)
this is where we went to the park it was lovely there
this slide was a little big so daddy went on with her x
yay our little walker bear
this was such a fun free day out cant wait to get some more lovely days in the memory bank like this
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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