Friday, July 12

oat face mask tutorial

Hay lovies
I'm really trying hard to get into beauty and hair and things that go with all that I used to love make up and clothes but somewhere along the way I got lost like lost to the point where I don't have ant idea as to what I'm doing. 
I'm finding myself spending my free time enjoying learning about all these things I thought  i would share my new found beauty bits and bobs here with you beautiful people.

I thought I should start with skin so for today here is my oatie face mask it feels cold on your skin and once washed off my open pores were smaller and my skin left super soft and everything used in this concoction I usually have to hand. 

You will need.
Half a banana 
1/4 a cut of porridge oats 
1/2 a cup of milk
Also a table spoon of honey if you have it I didn't so just made it with out

First mash you're banana and add you're oats then mix adding the milk until its the consistency you like 

Then make some tea its only right you have a cuppa while your mask is drying i also had some cucumber for my eyes 

I left the oats to soak in the mix for a few mins just so it was a little thicker and better for applying 

Now just apply to your face as best you can leave to dry for 15-30 mins and then wash off really i think you will thank me it leaves your skin so soft its lovely this is even good for guys too (go on try it i wont tell)

Let me know if you try this
Thanks for reading guys and dolls 

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