Saturday, January 19

meal plan....

hay loves
hay all i do my weekly meals from Thursday to Thursday as that's the days we get our shopping money we budget "50 for each week that includes bathroom things and kitchen and washing bits ext.... not very often we go over our budget. so here are the meals Ive planned for this week 17/01-24/01
Thur - sausage casserole
fri - carbonara
sat - homemade pizza
sun - easy chicken and chips
mon - beef and ale stew with roasties
tue - leftover stew in pie crust with pots
wed - basque chicken
thur - sausage pasta
well here are some pics of some of the meals we have already had this week I'm most looking forward to the beef and ale stew with roasties it sounds so yummy this week on food shopping i spent just under £33 so the leftover money is for a small treat at the end of the week.
our carbonara was so yummie and so cheep cant believe i use to pay about £8 for this when we when on date nights
Taylor loved this she loves anything cheesy with sauce lol
i had no time the other day to cook i just had too much to do but i wanted to stick to the meal plan so here's what i did
browned my sausages in a pan and bunged them in the slow cooker with a chopped onion and some beef stock enough to just cover that sausages then placed a layer of foil over the top an wrapped two large potatoes in more foil and placed them on top popped the lid on and cooked on high for 4 hours when i get home it was all cooked and yummy all i did then was turn the cooker to low take out my jackets and popped them in the oven for 20mins to crisp up while i boiled some peas and carrots easy yummy and almost all in one pot and little effort was nice to come home to after i had been out in the cold all day and Taylor loved it she wolfed it down.
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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