Saturday, January 19

when things NEED doing.....

hay loves
we have had such a busy start to the new year were only on day 19 and we have already decorated a room in the flat I'm so happy it looks so much better i couldn't get a very good before picture as the lighting was awful but ether way here is some before pictures
with the paper still kinda up that's how the paper has been for about 2 years we have been living here 3 years in April
pulling the paper off love the way Taylor loves to help her daddy its super cute
we found some rather bad cracks but its OK we fixed them though it was scary when we first found them
and this is the after picture I'm so pleased its not 100% perfect but we love it its so much better than before btw wall papering is the hardest thing ever mark has said his never touching the stuff again bless him
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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