Wednesday, December 26

homemade recipes......(book rieview)

hay lovies
hope you had a holly jolly Christmas and the big guy got you everything you wanted. we had a lovely day with lots of mess giggling films and food what more could you want hay hehe.
i got a book this year off my mummy and I'm so excited to use it if you don't already know i love cook books i love looking at the photos and seeing how yummie and easy everything is too cook well this year coming (2013) I'm going to try and cook everything in this cook book.
things i love about this book....
my favourite thing about this book is it is full of everyday easy to cook simple meals. like meals you would eat everyday. tuna pasta bake, roast chicken,homemade fish cakes and carbonare are just a few recipes I'm excited to learn how to cook properly (not just my bang stuff together and it it tastes how i think it should then its good) cooking properly is one think I'm really interested in i want to be able to feed my family health home cooked yummieness
 i love how each page has a cute little border and big pictures and it has the 1,2,3..... sections so you don't have to keep reading the same parts over and over because you've lost your place. (I'm forever doing that) this list of ingredients is neat and tidy and always layed out the same on each page.

i made my own jam last September and it lasted us until the following June it was so yummie too i made black berry jam and this year I'm going to try making a few different flavours. also i wanna make apple sauce to give to Taylor as her pudding its so easy and Ive not given it her since she was about 9months old if i remember right she loved it. also shows you how to make marmalade Ive never tried this and it looks so yummie.

Ive also never been able to make roasties properly i always cheat and par boil the potatoes then dunk them in the fryer so I'm looking forward to giving this one a try look how good them roasties look. as part of this I'm going to be comparing the meals from the book to how mine look in real life haha as Ive always found that the photos in the book never look as good as the final product i come out with in the end.  i thought it would be fun
so overall i love this book i also like the opening line on the back cover "this is a wonderful collection of traditional, tasty recipes, full of fail-safe favourites and warming comfort food" hehe as i read this i was thinking this is so made for me. so wish me luck with this project i hope i can keep it up.
thanks for reading guys and dolls
p.s how cute is this its one of the little extras that are on each page...


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