Saturday, December 8

i've become an addict.............

hay lovelies
so this week we did our Christmas shopping crazy leaving it till almost last minuet i know but we did, we had such an awesome time looking in all the lovely shops we went on the train down to Liverpool missed all the rain, that stayed in north wales  so that was a good thing. we got loads of goodies for Taylor ready for Christmas and mark spoilt me (his too good to me) he got me a brand new changing bag "that i am in love with by the way" and some cosy warm boots. any who as we were walking about we noticed they had opened up a lush shop in Liverpool I've always loved the smell of a lush shop as you walk past but i had never been in and today i was enjoying the smell so much i just walked in ha ha. We got shown so many of there products by the staff who were all so friendly and bubbly chatting with them about the products was like telling my best friend about something i really love it was so much fun.
we couldn't leave with out buying some thing the shop was just so full of little surprises.
purple glitter - space girl
red play dough - fun
pink and white - the comforter
bar of blue soap- snow globe
the purple flying saucer shaped one was a bath bomb we bought for Taylor it fizzed and left her bath a lovely purple colour with glitter bit floating in it she loved it. she was giggling so much while it was fizzing (too cute) it also left her smelling like Berry's and sweets mixed it was so nice <3 we also got the bright red stuff called fun we got given this as a sample it smells like tuti fruties and once its wet you can play with it like play dough but not only that its also a soap for your body and it can be used as shampoo awesome stuff the full size is on my shopping list.
the soap bar we got for mark its like a light blue colour with white flakes inside that look like snow flakes i think snow globe is the perfect name it foams up lots and it lasts ages as its not too soft we chopped this block up and mark has 3 bars of soap out of it pretty good i think. and the best part it smells like lemons and limes its a stunning citrus smell.
for me we got the comforter bubble bar you brake off a peace i used a knife and made this in to 8 then take the part you broke off (or chopped in my case) and crumble it under the running tap as you fill your bath. trust me you don't need any more than that small bit you get so many bubbles its unreal really worth the money you pay. it also turned my bath water PINK (come one what girly cant say no to a pink bath full of bubbles) it smells like hot blackcurrant and leaves your skin so super soft its like being wrapped in a cloud.
all together we spent just over £12 and we say its money well spent i have my eyes on a few more products i want to get my hands on lets hope i can get to lush before Christmas is over.
thanks for reading guys and dolls
 p.s this was not a paid review

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