Saturday, December 8

what i ate today........

hay sweeties
i thought it would be a fun post to show you what Ive eaten in a day cause anyone that knows me knows i love food ha ha. if you like this post leave me a comment i will make it a regular thing might give people ideas about what to make maybe. also i will do a what my toddler ate Tuesday let me know if that sounds good too.
so for breakfast today i had rolled oats cooked with milk with banana honey and a little sugar cause i like my breakfast sweet. i love porridge it can be eaten in so many different ways with so many different fruits and it always keeps me full until dinner. i find it really hard to keep myself full i got in to the habit of eating when i am bored and as of right  now i am trying to get out of this habit because i know its no good for me. plus oats are so cheap we get a big bag for 75p and they last us at least 3 weeks so all in all i love porridge. i want to try and make some oaty muffins to try and get Taylor eating more oats and fruit she likes fruit but some days its so hard to get her to eat any any one know any tricks?
for lunch i had half a scotch egg and prawn cocktail with boiled egg tomatoes and cucumber on whole grain bread it was scrummy they used to sell prawns and boiled egg sandwiches where i used to work and my mum use to have them all the time. me i didn't like the look of them until one day she got me to try one and oh gosh i fell in love if you've not tried it please do its so good. i couldn't find prawns on there own in my local shop so i used prawn cocktail and it was just as good the sauce make it even better i think. I'm also not enjoying white bread that much at the moment. i think Ive ate too much of it. but I'm discovering my love for whole grain again. some times you just need a change things get samie other wise.
 for tea we had chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with soft cheese this was so good with chicken flavor rice and a big yummie salad. i don't eat many salads in the winter i always feel like comfort food so this was a nice change from what we have been having the past few weeks
thanks for reading guys and dolls


Toni Ann Roberts-dawson said...

Just reading this made me hungry lol Toni xx

amyloudotcom said...

thank you toni :)