Thursday, December 20

need some get up and go

hay lovers
so what can i say I'm sat here watching don't tell the bride thinking my house is a mess and I'm just sat here watching TV. i really don't like feeling like this i wanna just get up and start cleaning and make my flat look like a home again rather than all the clothes out on the dryers scattered around the place. i never seem to want to look after this place i hate living here the only plus side is its cheep rent but all the other bills are just as high as a house. would be lovely if we could afford a proper place i don't want much just a small two bed house with a little garden and some heating instead we are in a one bedroom flat with has hold in the outside walls damp and cold as well as a long list of other things. so my 2013 goal list is
  • open the business
  • be a better mummy
  • eat better food (a million less take outs)
  • try not to worry about everyone in the world but me and my family
  • save money like a crazy girl
  • enjoy more family time
not many things to aim for but these things are important to me what are your goals in 2013 tell me we should aim for them together
so right now I'm gonna get off my arse and clean this flat and make it in to at least 10% of the beautiful home I'm dreaming of life will get better its about looking at how far we have come and remembering we are still moving forward x
thanks for reading my rant i don't have these too often

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