Monday, December 3

yummie goodies......

hay curvy lovelies
so this week we have been eating home cooked meals every night and its been so nice and cosy cuddled up in the evening with a big plate of yummy filling food. i made a scrummy chicken pot pie made the pie crust all by myself too it was so nice and we made so much we had the same the next day i found the recipe on candid mommy her youtube is amazing and Jen and her family are so much fun i love how much cooking she does it makes me want to cook more.
so yummie and so filling but next time I'm not using tined carrots on the side they were not so yummie
i also popped gammon in with my chicken for more flavor
me and Taylor also made double choc muffins these were so good i ate about 3 in one day naughty i know but ill live
Taylor and mark loved them too but there are still some left as they made about 16 from the mix i found this recipe on you tube again clairelou09011988 i love watching Claire as she is a fluffy bum loving home and children loving lady from the UK i don't know many youtubers from the UK x
any who this was a lovely meal and i hope you try the recipes out
thanks for reading guys and dolls

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