Wednesday, May 23

get to know me better...............

1. Full Name - amy louise cooper
2. Zodiac sign - cancer
3. Three things i fear - harm to my daughter, Dying alone, rats.
4. Thee things i love. - romance,hair,glitter.
6. four turn off’s - bad breath, farting during 4 play,smelling bad, toe nails.
7. Best Friend - Emma and Hayley
8. Sexual Orientation - bisexual
9. My Best First Date - movies then chatting and for getting time it was lovely
10. how tall am i - 5ft7"
11. what do i miss - being careless
12. what time i was born - 6am ish i think
13. Fav Colour - Purple
14. Do i have a crush - Yes yes i do
15. Fav Quote - if your a bird im a bird
16. Fav Place - liverpool.
17. Fav Food - italian.
18. do i use sarcasm - me? of course not…
19. what am i listening to right now? -  biggest fan by nevershoutnever
20. First thing i notice in a new person - eyes and lips
21. Shoe Size - 6
22. Eye Colour - mix of green blue and brown
23. Hair Colour - rose red
24. Fav style of clothing - anything i dont have one style
25. Ever done a prank call - yeah
26. what colour underwear im wearing right now - blue and pink panties
27. Meaning behind my URL - curvy girl that makes things
28. Fav Movie - the notebook
29 - Fav Song -  all that ive got by the used
30. Fav Band - the used, nevershoutnever,cute is what we aim for
31. how i feel right now - tired
32. Someone i love…- my mr marky.
33. Current Realtionship Staus - taken
34. realtionship with my folks- nether of them wanna know (im fine with this)
35. Fav Holiday - never been but id love to go to new york
36. Tattoo and piercings i have. - 8 tattoos and 6 piercings.
37. Tattoo’s and pericings i want - not sure as ive only just had two tattoos
38. Last Book i read.. - my sisters keeper
39. do i ever get ”good morning” or ”good night texts” - nope i dont use a phone
40. have i kissed the last person i text - well yeah as when i did use a phone my last text was mark
41. when did i last hold hands - today
42. how long does it take me to get ready in the morning - 15-30 minutes.
43. have i shaved my legs in the past few days - yeeep
44. where am i right now - on the sofa
45. if i was drunk and couldnt stand who would look after me.. - my other hald and my friends they always have my back
47. do i like my music loaad or a normal level - depends on my mood

hope you all know me better <3

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