Sunday, August 5

im my world....

hay curvy lovers
I'm so overly happy right now life is amazing my other half mark and my little girl Taylor are sooo amazing and really good too me Taylor is very well behaved and mark works so hard for us all so i wanted to share with you all some pic of mark and Taylor from the last few weeks <3 x

Taylor has this baby play ring and we turned it upside down once she got to old for it she now chills out on it like a chair <3

this is what happens when mark buys Taylor an activity tent and tunnel haha she was sleeping so we tested it out we had to it said so on the box honest :) x

Taylor loves playing with my beads and likes putting them all on at once its sooo cute she is such a girl

i love her sweet smiles i love my baby more than the world

thanks for reading guys and dolls

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