Friday, August 3

princess and pink........

hello curvy lovers
miss you all soooo much <3
i cant believe my baby is almost 14 months its like i blinked and Taylor grew up :( crazy stuff before i know it she will be going to school :/ wow!! school didn't think i would be talking about that so soon haha we have already been talking about what school we would like her to go to and weather she might want to join some after school clubs oh gosh maybe were getting a little ahead of our self's here she is only almost 14 months haha any who.

Ive been thinking allot about when me and mark get a bigger place ad right at this moment in time we are living in a one bedroom flat not that we don't love it here we really do but its not the best Taylor needs her own room we need more space and planning a new baby means things are gonna be cramped. so over the next few years me and mark are going to save as much as possible and attempt to get a bigger place its not going to be easy but will be worth it in the end.

here are my plans as of now for Taylor's bedroom (things will most likely change as Taylor gets older) tonight as I'm sat on my sofa crocheting  a princess crown for her (witch has ended up being to big) it got me hooked on princess theme room but i want like a shabby chic kinda soft princess room here are some things i like the look of....

here is the crown i made my little Taylor x
i am head over heals with this bed its soooo sweet and girly and i love them fairy lights
found this here

as soon as i came across this i thought change them paper streamers to fabric and this would be beautiful in tulle and silky pinks and purples found this here

i really love how the bedding is covered in ruffles and how the name on the wall matches i think its sooo lovely how it ties together found this here

and i would love some of these hanging on the wall as photos Taylor loves Dolly's and anything girlie

any who thanks for reading guys and dolls
much love

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